Monday, August 31, 2009

Olumide ns

I am olumide ns, i think most ppl call me olu and a few call me the t-shirt guy :).. doesnt bother me much as long as they are hollaring in good faith. what do i do... i think the best answer to that is i dream, i live and i try to work hard.. not sure how successful i am at that but yeah.... i breathe ns 24/7 and the jury is still out if its a good gamble.. but yeah i am a classic product of a man who once believed in poetry and now just trynna to put food on the table.

noice.. so most ppl throw the term lifestyle brand around and i am not sure they know what it really means.. Ns will be a lifestyle brand.. and we will hold Nigeria down then Africa down for generations to come.. for so long have we been slept on ... ns will change all that..

the ppl.. and the love.. without u.. this will just be like a terrible relationship with 5 gfs and 4 of em pregnant...

wow.. there are a few..
.1) things are never what they seem to be...
2)ppl are 95% fake and 50% self centered..
3) there are 2 types of ppl.. followers and leaders... its safer to be on the side of the leader.. even if its just ur life u r living and leading...
4) success isnt really tied to hard work.. there is a shit load of luck and preparation that goes into it... i guess u can argue preparation is the same as workin hard...
5)the mighty will fall... and
6) MONEY IS ALWAYS BETTER IN THE BANK.. cuz no matter what u do or how u do it.. u will be one day taxed on some life expenses so u r better havin that cheddar in the bank.. and spend wisely

going against the grain and trying to find my own way

its more like a 8 am to 11pm and its a terrible emotional roller coaster :)

u better pay me or i will quit...

I am probably too principled....

1- i am extremely sensitive

2- ns isnt what ppl think its about

3- i am shy n timid... not sure if its insecurity or not... but yeah i am not as social as i should be

4 - i used to believe in poetry.. then ns came and reality happened

1 probably listen to music.

2 not much of a reader but anybook that schools me on business will def get me in a good mood

3 surf the net.. not yet addicted but i need me my internet

4 ppl watching..... lolol

5 n chillin with bode... no homo lolol insiders know

6 sadly...working on the business

1 love.. what can i say.. i need it :)

2 Family

3 NS

Hope the day will be a good day for ns...

A few good customers, good leads on the business and 3 to 5 new designs or concepts atleast.

I am probably a closet Jay-z fan.. i dont want my brother to know cuz he is still gay for jay.. but yeah back in the days it was beethoven but now that i am in the hustlers state of mind.. and i am in the land full of vultures and snakes.. i need a good A game and gay Z gives me that.

weetabix and then ended up at chick-fil-a

well i'd rather eat a bowl of snails and some fried meat

ktichen but i usually need to be inspired to get into the kitchen..

yeap.. NS LOVES U MORE.. i love u more.. and without u guys i'd probably be a terrible accoutant or stripper lol