Monday, January 16, 2012

PSA for all Nigerians

"Def not a revolutionary nor a soldier more like a coward."

So i woke up to the news that the government has re-introduced the subsidy not at the initial rate of N65 or the deregulated rate at N141 , they have pegged it at N97, and the so called revolutionary leaders of the people have called off the strike and the federal government to show signs of peace deployed soldiers to the major cities.

For a second i thought of sending out a BB broadcast venting but decided to calm down and bite this bullet. So now i am calm :) Just thought i'd inform my fellow nigerians all around the world


maybe its time we love her less.

The false lies, false prophets, false Government, false leaders, false hope, enough pain and few changes.

There is absolutely no better time than today to continue the uprising. The fuel subsidy issue should only be a point in the LIST of complaints we the people have against NIGERIA and not the FOCAL point.

call me Radical but NIGERIA must bleed and the blood must come from the TOP