Sunday, April 3, 2011

#MondayInterviews: The Thinking Man!

In the words of Sakiya "great men don't think alike, they think for themselves!" Author of "A Book of Questions With One Answer", "Think Think Think And Think Again", and Co-Author with Kanye West of "Thank You and You're Welcome", Sakiya's movement represents the power of thought!

At NS we personally own a copy of A Book of Questions With One Answer. Trust us it will make you think!


J. Sakiya Sandifer

The best way to summarize me is that I'm an overall awesome being!!! Whether it’s being a father, lover, friend, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew, son, consultant, author, philosopher or goal is always to be as awesome as I can be at it.

In 14 years, I’ll be living on a tropical island, where shirts are optional, the food is good and plenty, spending most of my day like a Corona commercial. As far as my company/business, all my projects will be based on if I’m passionate about it or not, because enough money will have been made at that point to live comfortable for the rest of my life.

That’s simple…me wanting to do it!

Of course, that’s mostly what I talk about in my speaking engagements. The first one that comes to mind is my first rule in business…“if it wasn’t written, it wasn’t said”. The written word is so powerful because if and when renegotiations are necessary, that’s going to be the starting point. I hate those “that’s not what you said” moments in business. Getting it in writing helps manage expectations.

To maintain my freshness, my swag, my awesomeness! I know that might sound crazy, but it was a conscious decision for me early in my life to live MY life through MY own lens. That decision has and continues to be met with great opposition…all of which I still don’t quite understand. It’s not like I’m opposed to people being themselves…I just don’t have any interest in being them. I recall people always telling me to behave…and all I was trying to be was me!

No! My office is my mind, so there’s really no punch in and punch out for me. That’s why it’s imperative for me to really be into what I’m doing, because if I’m not, I can/will tune out very quickly!

Me being my own boss…continue to do what you do!

That I would prefer them to get to know themselves. It greatly helps in having better conversations.

All jokes aside...why would I ever answer that? lol

Chilling with my daughters, talking with good friends, free Internet porn, feeding birds, driving fast (I mean waaaay too fast) and enjoying the essence of a woman!

My daughters, new information and women!

Not trying to over simplify it…but wake up! I know it’s imperative that in order for my dreams to come true; the first step is for me to simply wake up!

A good week for me is one that includes lots of laughter with my daughters, friends and lovers…not having to be in any unnecessary meetings…and producing enough money to support my goal of being able to earn, save and invest simultaneously.

Outside of the Broadway play, I’ve never heard any of Fela’s music…but what I listen to is really based on my mood, so it could be any of the above at any given moment.

.Kashi Go Lean Crisp Toasted Berry Crumble Cereal…THEY’RE AWEEESOME!!!

Absolutely…I love this stuff! I never thought I’d eat a cereal that topped Captain Crunch Berries!

Kitchen…even though it would’ve been a total stunt if I’d said ordered in!

Teaching my daughters how to play softball…wowzers, I really love being a father!!!

By becoming better myself!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts!