Thursday, April 21, 2011

some times u have to bite the bullet

so much i'd like to share.. but i am afraid if i do.. i might mess up real bad and offend ppl i shouldn't really care about.. but there really is so much to speak on but somehow the society has a way of curbing free speech of if u do then the other forms of mafia out there will come after u..

I have been in lagos for like 3 going on 4 yrs, its like a slippery slope the more u try fighting it, the deeper u fall into it.. and the few times i want to scream and say whats wrong with you people.. i might end up being the crazy one..

anyway for the record. as cool as lagos is.. folks are losing their heads. too much fluff .. its like the blind leading the blind . i am sure it will eventually correct itself at least i hope but a part of me is thinking hmmm.. too much hype... and fake folks... its like nothing is really what it is.. and the worst part is they are believing their own BS...

hope i didnt say too much sha..obviously there are folks that really keep it real , i meet them daily at the store.. but we are a minority.

folks pls keep it real and noone cares about what u want to be.. we care about who u r now.