Friday, April 9, 2010

The Chris Aire NS Connection... Next day/ More Photos

A few more picture from the Show and the next day. I had to go meet up with Chris the next and we ran into some of the models including Tyson who turns out to have such a great personality. We spent about 3 hours in the hotel chilling and talking. We tried to get a hold of the Mo Hits crew but no one could get thru. Did not get a chance to see them... Its all good tho. Anyway, enjoy the pictures...
model didi n Dbanj

Myself, Ron and Edy. Ron (actually Ron #1...he has a twin) designed all the mens pieces on the runway. we had fun with him, great dude! His clothing line is called Ron-n-Ron, based in NY.

Showboy was in the house too; working with NTA. I respect his hustle!!

This was a gift for Tyson

That's what a N1,000,000 watch would do to you. The watch was HOT!

Tyson tryin on the watch while we all watched in Hopefully in a few years i would be able to afford one of them watches...

Looks good

Edy had to try it on

This dude is Gorgeous...Yeah Tolulope i said it!!!

Hanging with ugbonna (on rite) and his lil bro....funny thing is he has been an NS fun for a while so it was nice to meet him there.

me, tyson, didi

We were talking about which car we would buy; a Rolls Royce or Maybach....lolol. Imagine that! Then we talked about MJ and Tyson was tellin us about his trips to Nigeria.

the models with Joe