Sunday, August 29, 2010

Istanbul in 5 days

hmmm so i dont even know where to begin.. as i have been whoring myself out to the highest bidder i found myself making a trip to turkey the land of damars, tea, kebabs and original fakes

My trip was initially scheduled for 8 days but i pulled a superman and got out on my 5th day.. maybe one day over tea i can share with yall the story but my friend this is as impulsive as u may ever see me.

5 days 3 hotels countless teas enough cab rides enough second hand smoke n more than enough language barriers.

overall a solid trip and istanbul is def rich in culture and tradition.

Blue Mosque in the European section of istanbul( well not sure anymore but i think its the blue mosque sha)

First hotel. funny thing is pretty much every 4th building was a hotel in this area real old city like. this is the view from the dining area on the terrace. spent 1 night here and then moved to the asian section

this is where all the magic happens. :). ok not so much magic but breakfast. kinda romantic tho( sucker for romance)

second hotel. I just had to take this picture. I have never been to china but i cant imagine it worse than turkey. english seemed to be a major problem. i mean i have traveled just a bit. and i have never felt so lost. atleast in the area we were english was almost extinct
(how much will it cost for the hotel to do spell check?)

the other thing i noticed is everything was smaller here and we walked around a lot. no way can u get fat here. plus my first hotel the bed was decent. the second and the 3rd u might as well put me in prison. i couldnt even turn on the bed without the reality of fallin off the bed.

MASSIVE MALL. i felt lost in here but sadly i walked around and wasnt too impressed with the selection of stores. i guess i am used to the american way.. but def a massive shopping experience and in the words of nobody zara is homo.. i went in thinking i need to get jeans..but their jeans runs small as in in small i even thot about buyin a size up and it still didnt fit. :(

we ate chinese buffet. :( well i pretty much will eat anything but i think panda express will give it a run for its money. and panda express is not too far from wack.. i guess its turkey and its mall food. but the kebabs were on point. i easily ate it every day i was there twice some days.

They had some exhibition there. i wont say much but war sucks and i understand the military is needed but u never really see the other side. they had kids flyin helicopter simulation but i will bet it with u the simulation definitely didnt have a "crash option" might scar the kids for life

window shopping. well i havent been to a pet store before but was interesting to see pets like this on display

no clue whats this is called but i ate it and would have loved it more but i probably had already eaten 2 kebabs before this

no matter where you go u will find a nigerian kitchen

i dream in colors........
they love tea n sugar. the standard servin was 2 cubes of sugar for that small baby cup

Thats all folks... now its all in their hands.. so lets keep fingers crossed and keep it OG ( this will make sense later)

Much love n we will always love u more......