Friday, March 26, 2010

Some things u just wonder

so i walked into my kitchen n saw a cockroach on the floor.. so i made a side comment to my self along the lines of u will die today ... where is my raid.. a pity the fool didnt hear me speak.. was just there lookin at me like.. maybe if i play dead he will walk away..

dude forget that na OG status we dey for ns.. so i gently walked to the storage and got my weapon of choice a raid.. i painted my face with charcoal to make sure ur man was camouflage and this intruder wont even see what hit him..

so i moved closer and let the raid fly.. sprayed enough to make sure it was a nasty hit.. so the little bitch (lol) ran for its dear life but i followed it n shot it a few more times.. then i decided to see how long it will take to kick the bucket. not that i enjoyed watchin it.. i definitely didnt and i probably need to see a shrink now but the roach struggled violently to survive. kept on runnin around and eventually got on its back and i can swear i saw it gaspin for air... so now it brought me to the question.. how does raid work. .. u know we use this it works.. but how does it work.. its not like a silent killer that first it put the insects to sleep n kills them quietly... nope.. its usually violent n the insects struggle n try in survive...

now based on what happened to today in the kitchen i think raid should be banned. definitely not a humane way to kill anything.. i just imagined a big giant literally suffocatin me with a plastic bag n i said that aint cool.. so the future scientist of tomorrow we need a new way of kllin them bugs without hurtin them :)... little contracdiction.. we want to kill em.. but dont let them feel anything okkkk.

big shame..

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