Monday, February 18, 2008

Thirst for Knowledge

in my quest to school myself in this industry and come up with nice quality products true to our brand. I decided to take a trip to NY.. My goal was to check out the garment industry, check out some stores i have been following online and hopefully make a few contacts with heads in the industry.

so this is how it goes.. my frugal ass or cheap ass which ever way u want to look at it.. i took the chinese bus.. u can't beat like $35.00 round trip baltimore to Ny. So in my genius moment i wanted to make it a day trip and maximize my day in NY. so my bus options were getting to NY like or like 12noon.. can u guess which i chose? yeap i left baltimore at 4.00 am. I probably wont do that again.

so i got to NY a little after 7am. NY is a crazy ass place.. everything is superfast paced.. and u literally have to take a cab everywhere and it adds up food is cheap tho

unfortunately for me most of the info i came looking for, i didnt get any so i am not any smarter than i was before i left.
One thing i did get to do was eat some good kebab. it took me back to my vienna days... and yeah i checked out a bunch of stores.. checked out their layouts. their products e.t.c one thing i can say about the fashion industry or apparel industry is its all about posturing.. thats got to be the word for the year.. its all about the end of it all.. its all fluff and hope that the customers buys into ur either BS or Dream.. in our case u know its dream right :) .. well this is what we have chosen to believe and we thank u for believing with us

so here are some pics

Arriving in NY some time after 7am

so this was semi breakfast

one thing i couldnt get over was how crazy china town was.. i saw some wild things there. obviously i didnt take any pictures

these were fish tanks. i guess fish farmers supplu stores

china town

at the Garment Distric

NS in the building.. S.Banjo

not a bad lay out ..