Monday, February 18, 2008

Catching up

Ok this is going to be an attempt to make up for very dry/ non existing posting. Things as usual are always taking shape over here at the NS camp. I am going to dedicate some time in fillin yall in u know just to get back on ur good side...

So first we go back to christmas 07. My boy farouk and his friend Haruna made the trip to Bmore from connecticut. Farouk and I go wayyyyy back like 13yrs we usually keep in touch via phone but he made a good decision to come thru to bmore and catch up old times.. and oh yeah he brought his own flat screen Tv to play his x-box to say the least it was hilarious when he brought it out.. but u know it turned out to be great idea cuz i really didnt have much to entertain them with. so FYI to all u good friends out there plan like farouk and carry every thing u can when visiting a friend u never know when u might just need it.

There were a few highlights of his trip. most not captured :) but the one we did capture has to do with my ..hmm let me count it... 1 , 2, 3, 4.. yeah my 4th favorite activity... eating ... So I organized a trip to this brazilian restaurant in bmore.. its called Fogo de Chao the pictures wont do it any justice. its worth every penny of it. and i guaranttee you this will be the only restaurant you will ask them to chill on serving you. cuz the waiters keep the meat flow coming.

Mr. Haruna showing u his cutlery skills

Mr. Bassey giving u that money shot
Mr Farouk probably text "I love u babe" lol
Mr Abdul came thru sorry bout the parking situation
Mr Olumide

This is what a $3.00 can drink looks like.

Thanks to Bassey

This must be my plate after like round 6

Haruna. bassey n myself

Me and my bodyguards