Tuesday, September 30, 2008

so not fair at all

waz up fam. still in nigeria... . still tryin to hustle.. still tryin to put shit together.we are having a 5 day long weekend.. havent been doing much tho.. still tryin to hustle.. things moving at a mad slow pace... work has officially started on the store... well not much work.. but its still progress.. now the next thing is when will the store be opening?? now if this was the states the store should be open in 3 wks.. but TIA... or TIN.. this is africa.. or this is nigeria.. in the words of a great philospher shit will indeed happen.. so its going to be a ride.. pls put ur seat belts on

inbtw... niptuck is a really really crazy show and nigeria is good for catchin up on series and shows u missed or never followed... plus i love sanaa lathan .. sorry halle we just cant work out anymore...... i spent less than 40 bucks on 5 seasons of the wire and 4 seasons of niptuck.. and even at that i probably got ripped off a little. i know i should be workin not watching shows.. i am sowwy.. i just need to unwind... too much madness in this country... and way too many WTF.. lolol :-) but u know.. i am confindent that this will be a wonderful home for NS... only a matter of time.

and everything has a price in nigeria... and i mean everything.. some u find out upfront and some u find out later on.. :-) some inside story that will not be shared now tho.

much love and i promise i will be takin pics for u to see the little progress..

ns loves u more..

expect bassey and bayos blog.. apparently the ny indy parade wasnt what we expected :(