Sunday, December 10, 2006

out of the mix

Forget the phone book.. forget the internet. Forget civilization. If you aren’t Part of the jungle the wolves will eat u raw and leave you with a big hole in ur pocket and ego.

I noticed a difference in coming to Nigeria for vacation and coming to Nigeria for business. When u are here on vacation you might as well be a tourist.. u will definitely have mad fun.. go to the hot spots chill and socialize as often as u want… now if u are here for business then u will realize the vultures all around you..
Anyway so to get things done.. u better know someone that knows someone that knows someone that knows some one. Pretty much forget the benefit of the doubt idea u need ppl that can be vouched for.. otherwise u will lose urself in this jungle.

So I finally picked the store color its called poppy red. Yeap I wanted something funky.. u know to represent our g-ed up swagger.. well the one store that claimed they had a wide variety of paints in stock didn’t have it so.. the search is on….where to start lookin is another ridiculous task.