Saturday, December 16, 2006

Destination lagos.

A lot of days all jumbled together.

Well the best news is I am back from lagos I hate lagos but I love the money……. Lol this wk was cool at the end of it all.. things went from cool crazy …to insane.. to shit I need to get the hell out of this country… to ok I am cool now ppl are feelin the NS gangsta. U know we getting the swagger right and things r falling in place for NS baby…

So let me bring u up to speed.

We got an artist to paint the wall of the shop.. dude was supposed to start Thursday… story story no word and 15k already dropped…. Well I finally got a call from him today 4 days after the deposit apparently began on the job… but for a sec I was like hmmmmmmmmm over 15k this dude is gonna do me grimmy? Thank god he is pulling it together . dude is my name sake too imagine that.

Store is finally painted the color is fiyah.. the babes are gonna love it… u know we do it for the ladies.. so we had to bring it strong… NS1463 all the way … definitely gonna step the game up big time here..

The carpenters came thru finished with the furniture.. all I need to do now is carpet the place and start placing the furnitures.

So lets get to LAGOS.. I came I saw and I fell sick all the way to the bank ..lolol not

I left IB on Wednesday.. crashed at my inlaws place @ dolphin… my game plan was to approach stores, sell the brand.. move some massive units.. hit up the music industry exec.. hit up the stocks dude.. scope the lagos market .. link up with some key mags and see how they can feature the NS brand in one of their pages….

So what did I accomplish? Maybe like 15% and its only Saturday today and I already have to rush back to lagos first thing Monday morning to be back Monday on some extraordinary business trip.

At the end of it all I came back with a handful of connected contacts.. ppl who believe in the brand and are tryin to see how they can get on band wagon of the NS cash cow.. believe it.. now I have the possible daunting task of screening the vultures..

Some noice moves.. we got 2 stores on awolo road that are willing to carry the label not really big numbers like 100 a store.. they believe…. Things looking ait.. but ur boy can’t pull the trigger…the vultures are out . we still need to weed out the vultures

Still shooting for the stars… we need the right distribution channels to get this thing done right…. Not a bad look to get them in the right stores to create a buzz …

way toooo many things I need to think about… as much as I want the growth .. we need to protect this brand…. Not tryin to be the next hot shit for a season.. I am talking longevity baby.. we are trying to set our foundations right so that come 10 yrs from now.. the brand is still in full effect and most importantly… changing attitudes
Shout out to smalls… korede.. segun…mr. musa.. farouk..chris bj hakeem lanre … yall made things happen in lagos

Let the pictures do the rest of the talking

I have nothing less than 40 mosquito bites… those things don’t joke.

shop in progress