Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tough rough but I gast to maintain.

A few things are taking shape.. this wk should be big as per shop moves and also spreading the NS love.

The carpenter should be done with the shop furniture on Monday, we r finally getting a painter to come thru Monday, the sliding door should be done by Monday.. we should be registering the business by Monday.. infact Monday is a big day I am sure its gonna be very busy with periods of long waits… I am almost getting used to ..

Wkend was cool.. went to a wedding .. chilled with fam… had an extensive talk with my cousin.. fashion designer extraordinaire iconola.. u better remember that name she has already been featured in True love mag and geneivie… so she is about to do big things..and she makes sick wedding dresses… if only I have pics

She gave me some ins and pointers so when I travel to the mecca(lagos) I will atleast have an idea of what to expect and how to push the brand.. definitely looking forward to the trip.

A few good things… just spoke to Mr. Dayo of Kenny’s music group A man that is real big in the music industry in Nigeria I should be linking up with him real soon. I believe he is already a fan of ours.. I just want him to be my pplz u dig 

I also spoke to some dude connected in the stock exchange industry here.. I wish it was inside info we will be trading( I kid)…. dude is definitely a believer in the brand and he def wants to cop some shirts plus he has got some opportunities NS might explore….. we will see how that goes. So check back for pics of LA