Friday, December 29, 2006

Traffic Traffic Traffic

What else can I say traffic is a bitch… I literally spent nothing less than 6hrs in a stand still traffic this Saturday 12/23/06 morning..

Nothing really has changed since my last blog… I am a little behind in opening the store… my lagos trips definitely got in the way.. but u know the lagos trip is an essential part in NS coming to Nigeria.

Speaking of lagos trip traffic was CRAZY.. so this is how it goes we get back from a nite of parting around 6 am … so instead of crashing we decided to stay up and head out to Ibadan for like 7 am… there was a wedding I wanted to attend.

We hit the express way for 7 and we get into traffic. Half an hour into it.. we are thinking its probably an accident maybe in like 2hrs we move around 10 miles.. at this point a 2 lane road is now a 4 lane trucks acting like they are mini coopers..
crazy drivers.. all impatient… so by 11 we caught a break and decided to follow some of the traffic heading on the opposite side of the expressway . like they say in rome act like the romans… initially ppl kept it simple one line on the opposite lane then it became a 2 lane traffic on the opposite lane… ignorant ppl.. so not only was the traffic on the other side at a stand still the ppl going on the wrong side were blocking traffic..

Anyway we drove about ten minutes.. and then we found out the road was blocked and we had to turn back to lagos… we got back into lagos around 12.30 and decided to take a longer back road.. that cost us another 2 hrs in traffic so it seemed like this trip back to Ibadan was not going to happen today..

we decided to go back into lagos town. I had some money I wanted to collect anyway.. but by this time I was exhausted lack of sleep and then literally sitting in the car for hours sweating buckets wasn’t a good look at all.

i know they are going to be a lot of pics.. but if u pay attention u will see everyone breaking atleast one law. lol