Monday, December 4, 2006

Officially in Nigeria

So my trip was ait to say the least landed around 7pm my luggages didn’t come out till like 10pm. Imagine that. Anyway the good news is all mu luggages came thru so its all good u dig. Got out of the airport pretty easily wasn’t really in the mood to start explaining to the custom guys why I have 3 70 plus luggages filled with nothing but t-shirts and they weren’t meant for retail yeah right.... did I mention it wasn’t a bad idea to know someone that knows someone that knows some one that makes u walk thru the custom like an invisible man lol… that is how it is here.. so we got out of the airport and went to crash for the nite not after stopping by a closed Mr. Biggs restaurant.

It wasn’t a five star hotel but it did the job.. by the time we got in the kitchen was closed so it was a sliced bread and fanta dinner. And I did dip the bread in fanta. The sleep was a lot better when the electricity Came back on.

So we left lagos headed for Ibadan..its usually an hour and some change, but this trip was a little longer cuz we rode in a bus that the only power in the car was under the hood. Shoot it was the practical thing to do with my huge ass luggages.

Got to IB we chilled for a sec still a little jet lagged so I crashed for a sec…
So we got into the business of organizing things
Time to unpack and figure out what I packed. It’s crazy how at the end of day u never feel like u packed enough but I guess it has to do… plus we hoping this catalog thing works out :0