Monday, December 4, 2006

DAY 2. crazy i tell u

Day 2 stopped by the shop

Today was a crazy as day.. naija is fucked up men… shoot if this country was a business .. the business is definitely doomed… nothing gets done with efficiency.. tooo much time wasted… more than enough incompetent ppl. No one really owns up to taking ownership of simple task.. its like they expect to sweat u before any gets done… how can you request a padlock key from a building management comp 30 minutes away and they end up bringing u a car luck key… venting right? I guess u have to be there to understand it.. crazy place man…. It’s a jungle out there.. where everyone is tryin to protect their neck.. get one over the next man and trust no one. Only god knows how work gets done here for real.

Anyway back to my day.., so our driver is a drunkard.. apparently not a good idea to give him money… lol

So the plan today was to check out which store to pick out from and to see if I can start some work. Emmm the shops were all in the same location.. so my choice was pretty limited. I chose the one with the least amount of work to be done… I drew a sketch of how the shop should be furnished… a little excited…the process is moving but this is still the easiest part….. but it will be a day at a time process .

I spoke to a consultant today.. and according to him Nigerians are broke… and only the yahoo yahoo boys have the money to spend on some of my designs… imagine that.. I understood what he meant but that’s one of the differences that you realize here… Perspectives can be twisted anyway it is what it is… and this whole 419 shit has got to go for real its crazy out here.. excuse my French but its f-ed up….a country filled with unruly citizens that don’t trust themselves