Saturday, December 16, 2006

the day after monday

The Day after Monday.

So its 6 am Tuesday morning. Yesterday was a busy day.. we eventually got a lot done.
Put aside the uncivilized nature of the politicians and their goons or better their martyrs the day went by with isolated threats of violence…. If the president and the vice president are at odds why can’t the governor and his deputy governor slug it out…. Not really into politics but it was just crazy. And there is petrol scarcity in a nation rich in oil.. we eventually queued up for more than 30 mins to get gas.. after stopping by no less than 6 stations.go figure

So back to bness… we finally got the paint I wanted.. wait till u see the pics.. its gangsta I tell u. we got the electrician.. he was suppose to start yesterday.. but stories… I am hopin he will start work today.. we are recycling some old light fixtures so I am hoping it works…. I am on a tight budget. So we gast to be as innovative as possible…

We picked the furniture up but the carpenter couldn’t do much cuz they started painting the store.. so hopefully today Tuesday.. he will be able to start putting things up..

Shoot its crazy. I am suppose to head to lagos tomorrow.. and my hands are filled.. and its not like u can just let ppl do their job.. u have to supervise them and supervise them… total BS… they don’t take ownership.. and workmanship can be better.. scenario…
The guys installing the the glass for the entrance door somehow didn’t measure the specs accurately so u know how he decided to trip the glass…???? With pliers.. initially the big man was like I wont take this shit from u guys… but the worker thot he was slick and he could pull it off.. ok he did for one section.. but he eventually broke a bottom big glass and even before then his method was successful leaving cuts on his unprotected hands..

Know someone that knows someone.
We sent the paper to register the business today. Well it was convenient to have someones number that knew someone that knew someone.. anyway we dropped 7k for that and I think the structure was enterprise I don’t even know.. but the bness is NS1463 Clothing comp. now I forget if its enterprise or limited.. but it doesn’t really make a difference. We also stopped by the bank after hours to open and acct.. the bank hrs here are worse than slave trade.. well maybe not.. these dudes work 7 am to like 9 pm… well that was the consensus at this bank.. shoot that’s crazy. So to set an acct up it cost 11k cuz the minimum balance in the acct has to be 10k and a check book is gonna cost be 1k…
AC 45k, sound system 20k yet to pull the trigger. But these country is EXPENSIVE