Sunday, December 10, 2006

drop the western mentality

I love my ppl but u gast to treat the next man like a mad man until they prove you wrong..

so for the interior of the shop I wanted to have a mural .. now where do I get a great artist for cheap… I had this idea to ask ppl I come across with if they know any maestro in the making.. u know being that our budget is slim.. I wanted a young one that aint about the business yet.. so this is how it goes.
I followed the big pop to one of his site… so I see this young man that seems like he is taking a break from construction so the “white man” in me is like hmmmm.. ask dude if her knew anyone that could draw.. to my surprise he said he could.. I was like naa it cant be this easy.. I asked dude again and he said he was an artist.. so I was like here u go.. a piece of paper and pen…. draw anything that comes to mind.. u know show me what u got… then my pop calls me to the side and say word is that dude aint right up there.. that he said the HOLY SPIRIT told him to come here and pray.. the dude apparently has been a nuisance that was ignored for days but my western attitude connected dude to a real world…
To cut the long story short.. dude drew a step up off a stick man figure.. shortly after he proceeded to start derobing. Lol crazy … maybe I need to shutup and ask my pop when and who to talk to… anyway great country every man is crazy.. u learn that fast.

Luckily I met some one that knew someone so I am suppose to meet up with dude tomorrow to see a sketch of what he has in mind.. will keep u posted.

Driving is crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Well tomorrow came and passed and it was stories regardin the artist that was supposed to come thru.