Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sasha Speaks!

This is PSA by the First Lady of Storm Records
Brought to you by the Good folks at NS1463


My name is Sasha Im a Nigerian hip hop artist , free lance writer and CEO of Eclectic by Sasha (a bespoke clothing line)

By the grace of God in 14 years the Sasha brand will have grown into an international brand and there will be Eclectic retail stores all over Nigeria and in neighbouring African countries.

To be honest the impact it has on the lives of so many people is a humbling experience and at times it gets crazy with the camera lights and action but most importantly what drives me is the passion to make a mark in this generation

Theres a popular saying that goes "Anything worth doing is worth doing well" id like to add to that by saying "Anything worth doing , is worth doing yourself" to get ahead in any business you have to be willing to work your way up and know the ins and outs of everybody´s job, so you want to run a fortune 500 company? make sure you know how to do the door mans job too lol!

believing in myself

Worse lol! My job is 24/7 , its a lot of fun but when im not working physically im thinking of more blueprints to success.

Obrigad!!!!!(Thank you)

Probably that im very down to earth

My album SASHASPEAKS comes out in a month or two,
more videos coming,
i like ice cream
and i wear NS t shirts (Do tell lol)
if there are 6 ways to sleep? I do all!!!!

My Bible, Music and unapologetically my blackberry

it depends on what day of the week! 3 times a week i wake for aerobic classes the other 4?TMI

all my to do goals get done and i have more cheques coming in , my music is everywhere then all is well in my world lol!

tough one...but right now definitely Jay Z

A portugese omelette

i prefer the word interesting!!!

depends really, but im on the move a lot so order ins come with the job description!

Live , love laugh and always welcome change but never let go of your values.