Friday, November 6, 2009


I am back in the matrix... hopefull i got my mojo back... much love fellas.. ns still has a huge crush on u.. and we will always love u more

so what has been going on wit ns in the jungle....?? well its been a crazy past 3 wks... u should know the murphys law ... and shit does happen.. but i got original pako flowing thru my veins so i dust it all of and say.. na this shit aint going to hold me down..

the ppl need ns to keep maintaining..keep pushing..and coming up wit more fiya... u know ns is indeed the ppls champion and we have fought for the past 1463 yrs and we deserve to rule for the next 1463 centuries.. AMEN..

i am not even sure where to begin.. sorry for the MIA.. got back from states and had to clear out all the weeds in my garden.. they were crampin up my space and i couldnt focus so now atleast all i got is snakes left.. but no wahala .. just got a keg of petrol and a few matches... :-)

well for one we were featured again in elan magazine.. kinda sweet feeling.. ns is gettin some recognition.. but ..... for those that saw the mag would have known that ns definitely outstyled the rest of em... competition is like light yrs away.. abi what more can i say.

NS is the truth and i miss u all.. ns misses u .. and without u ns is just ns... :)

theComeUp is sweeter when u r along for the ride.. much love