Monday, November 30, 2009

Ns officially meets M I Abaga

ok so this isnt the blog we were expecting ...but for now it will do..

a few wks back i was invited as a vendor to a charity event in ikoyi.. i said no shaking since word was MI was goin to be there and earlier FBB had sent me a pic of mi rockin ns showin love, so i figured y not.. lets make the official connection and see what takes off from there..

M.I rockin Ns VIP now asking him, he said he got a few shirts in Abuja at D. Boutique which wasnt a bad look.. so the connection was sorta there and when i told him about the brand in lagos he was def feelin it.

well we set up in a little corner by the entrance.. and the spot ended up being where some of the performers hung out.. so location location location

we set up on a very small table... honestly wasnt there for the sales.. cuz there are some events that really shouldnt have retail options and this was def one.. but havin a hidden agenda was def not bad :)

Mi performing a few songs

staying connected.. the world will still run on BB...

thats all folks and Ns no groupiness always on the OG status