Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Rise of Iconola

Olamide Ajayi

Olamide Ajayi a beautiful woman who is married to a fantastic nigga, and has 3 boys…3 wonderful boys. Did I mention that she is CEO of Iconola, a growing fashion and lifestyle empire

Iconola in 14yrs, whao, u really want to hear my vision . Okay, I see Iconola as a fully established empire, and I see myself, still as CEO with my boys by my side, running things. I and Iconola will be a force to reckon with. Watch out!!!!!!!

I feel I am doing my lifes purpose. Making myself and others happy!!

There are too many lessons, but the most important thing is to make good clean money with sweat and blood…its what lasts, its what GOD rewards

To be myself!

Iconola is my 9-5

Youre on your way dear, wishing Iconola the best.

That is a hard one, am pretty obvious




and hmmm.



And work some more.


And oh, I love driving.

Number six will be to work.

Zion, Zalem and Zephan…that’s three people.

Three things will be a car, a fone and money.

Snooze my alarm.

When I can go out with Dare (my husband) on Saturday, I feel special.

When there is work on Saturday, I feel busy.
When I can take my boys out on Saturday, I feel fulfilled.

When I can do all, I feel complete

Koko master! By far

It was at noon, I hope that counts. Yam and EGGs

Life is good. Love is good. GOD isgood.

Kitchen on most days, order in once in a while

Iconola…I think therefore I am, beautiful

Olamide Ajayi