Monday, October 12, 2009

He is coming for you T. Perry... and his name is Edy!


My name is Edikan Bassey, also know as “Edy”. I am the CEO of StoneField Entertainment Group (SEG).

I see SEG becoming the most respected African company in showbiz. I also see SEG setting the blueprint for professionalism for other showbiz companies in the world.

First of all, we like it. Additionally, people enjoy and appreciative what we do. And the fact that part of the proceeds from every major stage play is donated to support a non-profit organization

Treat people the way you want to be treated

Being a Born Again Christian.

Yes, it’s called an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) graduate school LOL.


I love pancakes

South Africa will win the World Cup in 2010….:)

not sure which car I would prefer – an Audi A6 or a BWI 5 series,

Obama is the smartest president America has ever had,

still thinking of the 4th one….:)


writing plays

playing musical instruments

talking to friends


day dreaming.

My phone

my car

my cologne


Going on a road trip with fun people.

Ron Kenoly


That would be hard to tell.

I feel like saying kitchen but that won’t be accurate…:)

Check out our website ( for updates on when the DVD for the Funny and Awesome African Stage Play –“Dollars n Sense” will be coming out.

Edikan Bassey