Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I was born to the name Babajide Olaoluwa Igun, but I now go by my artist name JyDore Omo Arsenal. Most of my padies call me Jyde or Jydore. I am a Graphic Design student at Towson University. I’m also an aspiring music artist whos debut album is to be released summer 2010. The ablum right now is titled “Starting Eleven”; the album is going to be one of a kind to be ever done, the Estate Records team and I are going to be putting the tracks together in a way that would give listeners and fans the experience of just listen to an album that makes a person feel like he/she just viewed a highly energetic soccer match. The album is going to have 11 tracks and 4 substituteslol (4 extra tracks)

I see my company being a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment and design industry world wide within the next 14 yrs.

I enjoy designing and singing, so for me to be doing ART and DESIGNS for a living would be a dream come true, because I have been drawing since my hands were able to lift up a pencil or pen. And as for me making music, what else can I say….I am Nigerian, WE all love music listen or sing it.

“Hard knock Lessons”…well the simple info or advise I could give is always have options in what ever you set to accomplish, because your first options might not me the solution to the goal you are trying to aspire to.

The single best decision have made in my 22 yrs of life, is understanding what the word “Family”means to me every single they of my life. And one more thing please remembering that all that I have accomplished in life is all thanks to the good mercy of GOD.

“”Do I have a 9-5” hahaha….Bros I wish, am just a full time student. “But I did go to a Holiday Inn last night, lol.”

I hope to never have a boss, am my own boss, by GODs’ grace I will have my own Graphic/Entertainment Company fully functional.

One thing people should know about me is that am more than just an Arsenal Fan…. “Gunners 4 Life”…LOL.

Hahaha…Bros, if I tell u my secrets then it no go be secrets anymore, nice try thou!

To unwind i…. “Wait will my Momsi and Popsi read this”, if so no comments!!!
Let’s just say I rep the Nigerian Colors to the fullest of my abilities…lol “Green White Green no be small thing” LMAO.

3 things I cant do without
a. My Momsi’s home cooked meals
b. Music

The first thing I do in the morning is Grab my NS1463 Shirt (1 of the many I have) and Iron press it for a good day am about to have.

Bros….howfa now, u already know the answer to this. My definition of a good day or week is having my Arsenal Fc win all their games for that week or lets just say that a team in the English Premiership has “Devils” incorporated in the name lose all their games for that week. Omo that will make my Week or Day!!!

Beethoven, D’banj or Jay-Z…. Very well I respect the very late Sir Beethoven, D’banj is a true entertainer and Jay-Z and his old wrinkled face should go retire….and I mean retire, not all this comeback “Bullshyt” pardon my french please. Ok, we accept he’s talented, but its time for him to make way for the younger generations… “Has'nt he chopped enough money already!!!?”

What did I eat this morning? … Ha bros, things are tough oh, am a college student now! I believe the cherry topped breakfast platter at IHOP resturant… “I still get mouth even for a college student”.

Omo …that food hit that spot that is always disturbing you when you wake up. J

I no fit cook so nah drive thru

Thank You “NS”….I almost forgot “what does 1463 really stand for?, I have heard a lot of rumors, need an answer from the mastermind himself.”