Sunday, September 26, 2010

RESTYCLE... Rethink..Revive...Make it last

Stylist, Designer and Business Lady Sunny

My name is Sunkarie, aka Sunny. Am the owner of restycle. The company focuses on unique and vintages pieces mainly jewelries. Am a stylist, also an upcoming designer as well.

In 14 years, restycle will be a worldwide online store open to the public to sell, exchange, or trade pieces as long as it’s unique, handmade or vintage.

This is my passion. It’s not about the money. I love to see people looking their best at all time. Believe it or not image does matter. This is the reason why am a stylist

Get the right people around you. The people around your business can either help, or damage it. There is no in between. Let the negative that comes from people be a motivation, not a discouragement.

Decided to follow my dream, and do what it takes to accomplish it.

Yes. I have a 9-5. I work for Kaiser Permanente Mid Atlantic Health Insurance. I work in the membership accounting department, helping Medicare, federal, and commercial members coordinate their benefits.

I love my boss, even though she can be a pain the butt sometimes.

I wish people know the real me. Most of the time, am not who people assume I am. But it’s not all that can know the real me. It’s hard to let someone in the front row of my life. People are so quick to jump into conclusion about a person base on that individual image, or what you heard of that individual.

- Don’t tell me I can’t do it. You just motive me to do it.

-I want every other secret to be told. Lol.

- I sleep

- go shopping

- take my dog for a long walk

- go to the beach

- listen to gospel music

- pray.

God, a clean house, and a phone

Successful fashion show. Most weekends, am at a fashion show as a stylist, vendor, or supporting my little sister that is a model


Nothing. Am not a breakfast person.

It’s was good to be up, and ready to get out of the house to go be a judge on a beauty pageant.

Kitchen. I love good home food. Too bad, I never have time to cook a good one. But my boyfriend is a great cook.

Any Parting words?

I love the concept about NS1463. One thing that I go by is that in life, we should learn to chase our dream, not what other people think our dream should be. And do right. Don’t do things base on what someone say, because at the end of the day you are left with yourself.