Monday, October 4, 2010

when the clouds blah blah

yessir.. hmm not sure i have much to blog about.. been losing my mojo to the hustles of a man for a while .. and not sure i am feelin it.. but every now and then i see these signs that keeps pullin me back and all they keep showing me is

NS is the TRUTH..

and one day we will kiss the sky and when we do.. hmm when we do.. yall will be right by ourside.. cuz this shit aint fun if our fam cant be on the ride wit us.. ns is nothing without u.. and we will always appreciate the love. look at it this way.. ur love is the blood that flows through n keeps ns alive so we owe it all to u

so pls forever keep it OG..

there is a whole lot more to come from us.. we are just starting.. we are shitting on the competition( assuming we have competition) ns in a league of its own.. and staying true to what we hold true even if its full of lies.. :)

Independent since 1463.