Tuesday, June 23, 2009

small PSA

I may not be a good ppl person :( or maybe i am just really against bullshitting.. u know in a team where one person plays good cop and the other bad cop.. i usually end up being the bad cop... now i usually start of being the cool smiling one but at the point when i smell BS/arrogance then i flip one time usually bassey is there to either calm the situation down or take over.. but i am left all alone in naija so its me and my bad cop self..

well 2 things have happened in the paast 24hrs one i can share. the other storiess mehn..

so this morning i get a call on one of my super secret phone that no one knows. its a customer asking for store direction..i give him the addy and thats it. he calls back again i clarify the address and he is like ok. so i call the store guy and tell him expect a customer. u know keepin it simple stupid. (meanwhile i am workin partly from home today)

so the guy calls and says oh he really wanted to see me? i am thinkin ok.. what is this about... (first of not sure why anyone would want to see me. i am far from interesting and outside ns and maybe ns i am really boring and reserved.. long story.. )so i ask about what he is like business proposal..

now when anyone tells u that the first thing that comes up is BULLSHIT allert.. now the thing i believe about business is when one person comes to u about business. the first thing is exploitation or let be tone it down taking advantage.. u see they must be seein an opportunity to make some cheddar off u that maybe u r not seeing.. so tryin to still be the good cop i say no problem.. give me 30 plus mins. will be at the store..

then i say na let me just address this over the phone. so i call him back to hear him out.. well they are tryin to start a clothing line geared towards college kids.. they are launchin in aug.. they have a factory in New jersey producing it for them ( this is where i smile to myself)

so he is sayin the whole spiel. and i am like ok so where do u want ns to come in.. nutshell they want to carry the brand u know give us a lot of publicity and all... i am telling him cool but no thanks then he is like Y.. ( at this point i am just about to rip my shirt up :) ) i tell him NS has a vision and we are maintaining the direction. if he is interested in buyin wholesale we can talk but partnerin not at this time... so the dude is tryin to engage me in a back and forth and he is talkin about if i read his proposal blah blah blah.. (so i am losin it here at home sayin who the heck does this guy think he is.... u r just coming into the game.. not yet even producing talkin about capturing a bunch of unis and u really think ns needs u to survive" na big wa mehn..

so i cut the conversation short.. i am sure the guy will think i am a dick.. i kinda feel bad cuz at the end we all need guidance or advice when gettin into a new industry. infact ns is still pretty much a baby crawling and we look up to a lot of companies.. but shoot u have to stay humble and get ur approach right.. i think the dude just came off wrong and he had more bs to sell

when it comes to ns i am like a father with a pretty straight A daughter that just won the $1oomillion mega millions lottery and she is above 18..... do u get me now... there is absolutely no room for halfstepping

ns is protective and anti BS

update i call my store guy and the dude was checkin out the store and tees then askin funny questions regarding sales numbers and all.. :)