Sunday, June 21, 2009

Making Sense

well this is a private thought i am sharing with u guys not yet sure why but maybe if i admit it to the world it will resonate more within me.

my life is beginning to make sense , i am understanding why i must maintain my issues with coventionality .

Some how some how it will all make sense and if not.... just pretend and it's suppose to make sense then if tha doesnt work... just believe it and tell them u read it here and it will make sense then.

not that i need to do this..

But much love to my parents,eyabs, bassey n bayo and everyone else inbtw for accepting and embracing my differences and stubborness it will all make sense.

Much love to all those that believe and still believe and are spreadin the ns love into new homes..

much love and ns will always love u more...... tippin hat off to us.. we will all celebrate soon.. very soon.