Monday, June 15, 2009

ok i made this up

so once in a while i get carried away and decide to treat myself to a good meal cooked by none other than ur favorite chef :-). side story this is one of the reasons why ns came to be. not sayin i know how to cook but once in a while i get inspired. and run to the kitchen and spend hours gamblin on a meal that may or maynot come out well..but like a parent ur children can never be ugly... and yesterday i was indeed a proud parent..

the idea was to create my favorite burrito bowl from chipotle with double chicken and meat :)

beef, chicken, black pepper, tomatoes. corn, jalapenos, lettuce, didnt have cilantra used something else, cumin, lime, rice

beef well seasoned.. yummy


BREASTTTTTTTTTTTT ( i am stupid mehn lolol) well they are beast abi?

spiced with a bunch of things include nandos sauce

cookin the rice added lime juice for taste and some funny green leaves.. no clue picked them out on the streets ( i kid)

probably my favorite.. onions with green pepper added spice for flavoring

and here u have the complete meal. 2 plus hours from start..

lettuce, corn. tomato sauce, salsa sauce, beef and chicken

and i fed like a king

ns loves u more