Monday, June 29, 2009

BB camera dump

christmas 08.... seein fbb for the first time and as the big brother that i am allowed infact suppose to show him all that glitters isnt ns. :)

sometime late last yr.. a tanker was burning and we had to drive past it.. its funny how things are just like crazy.. its a jungle with mad ppl and loads of cash. u can quote me on that

this was this past wkend.. there was an unsual traffic here .. come to find out it was a body on the road. now it probably was a motorcycle accident or maybe the young man fell off a van/bus or any moving object pretty sad sha.. and no one could cover him.. Jungle i tell u

not a bad meal

lekan B.. Bowie in the house. thanks for stoppin by

no comment

shobo at some pool party

smalls at the same pool party..