Monday, May 4, 2009

and he keeps coming up with more ish

so i got this email from u know who.. i just had to share it.. might easily be one of the coolest self loving dudes i know.. very refreshin read tho.

shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet mehn.. guy i am getting horny off myself right about now. I just tried on my outfit for &*^(&^ graduation next saturday. i am going hard on all those atl niggas and bitches. you will see pics next week. > let me just give you a quick run down. eyes behind ray bans. black bow tie. pink checkered shirt tucked in. sleeves half rolled up. black jeans, black belt but that might change. black waist coat gonna customize it this weekend at *&%^*. will put sp logo on the left chest. and pink pocket square> shit mehn> tell me you aint turned on right now. no homo>
the picture will be so fly you will probably make that ish into a shirt> > > #.> thats my new name now. #. (dot)> cause i am fresh like that.> i am on star for new born stars> i go hard and get it in like a pornstar> my light so bright i make 4am look like its 2pm ( and thats my line too, just made it up now. swag...)> > > straight up swag. Authentic, shout out to all my haters.

Gutten tag bitches. > > > NS>

hilarious even after readin it more than enough times..