Friday, May 22, 2009

coded ns1463 runs

its 4.48 am just got back from my very occasional outing... its weird when i go out i end up thinkin of how much work i am suppose to be doing and i even sometimes get the light bulb effect in my head and when i am home not going out.. i usually think of how much work i need to do and then plan to do it someother time.. and no i hardly get the light bulb effect.. na wa ab..

anyway ns needs to come strong.. and we indeed have a long way to go.. note to self.. STEP UP ..

so back to the koko.. for a while now ns has been doing some coded top secret movement.. well its secret cuz i am sure as much as ppl want to see u succeed .. they'd rather pour sugar in ur coke...(well just accept the analogy it makes sense to me :)) anyway so the way it started was back in the day during the ealry stages of ns1463.. blah blah blah.. fastword to now.. ns has a collabo tee with a certain artist on a very hot record company.. we will see how it plays out but for now enjoy the pics.. much love and ns loves u more.. u know we always do.

well, eventho this might look like a groupie pic.. it aint at all.. it was just bad timing and i wasnt really in the mood to ask him to pose for a better pic.. but yea Mr. Coal def is part of the ns fam. and we hope he does what we r hopin he does.. but good look.. shouts to bassey for good turn around.. and shouts to u all for believin

silverbird 93.7 radio personality... the dude in blue DJ big time(unsure about the spellin) is real nice.. mad props i actually listen to him on the radio and can feel his love thru the radio. met him in person and mad kudos to him.

Dr. Sid of mohits.. i am sure gettin addicted if not already to his BB... and he had a sick freestyle.. very talented dude. i am sure u will hear more from him in the near future

Mode 9 and wande coal on air.... mode 9 is another artist i have been sleepin on.. he def has a presence and is respected by atleast his peers. and he also freestyled on air with some good punch lines..
so pls ask me what does this mean ... well it means ns is the shit.. LOL ok remember the collabo we did.. i ended up meetin wande at the station and they were on live and i was there snappin away.. very laid back dude. and u can tell he probably was the class clown or the guy that never stood still and always made ppl laugh.. gifted dude.. he didnt rap like the rest of the rappers on air but he freestyled and sang and killed it.. he not only has the unique voice he is def sharp with the lyrics n composure
check the videos

much love ns