Friday, May 29, 2009

speechless and gross injustice

I have no clue where to even begin... I wish I had a video camera maybe then will u be able to understand the madness no the MADNESS that transpired this evening. Now for one thing Nigerians are really like animals. we somehow don’t know our rights or maybe we are just tooo ignorant to demand it collectively... nothing personal oh.. but come on ppl.. we should know better and do better than that..

so let me start from where i come in to the saga.. Around 9pm smalls and i get a call that one of our friends had an accident and he hit the AG's.. Acting gyrator of city of lagoon. So we are thinking that’s a big deal. We just hope the accident wasn’t bad.. besides the friend was drivin a loaner car which wasn’t a good look again.. so we asked where they were and he is like fishing club.. we get there and we assess the damage to his car.. well he was drivin a Camry sedan and the AG had a Prado - truck.. Now this accident if anything was bumper to bumper and it was also at a slow speed cuz nothing broke on the Camry the bumper was just displaced slightly. So we walk up to check out the Prado. at first site we see nothing.. so we bend down almost gettin on our knees and then bend our head further down to see the dent on the car.. so we are sayin no brainer.. truck and sedan. the truck always comes out on top. OK SO WHATS THE PROBLEM NOW.

The AG apparently got down looked at the car while on the phone. conducted some business and went in to the super EXCLUSIVE ATV CLUB...without sayin a word to my friend…. like whateva. anyway so now the AG’s driver bein the humble loyal servant orders the security guards at the venue not to allow the Camry to exit until his boss gives word.. and we are like that doesn’t make sense.. the worst case scenario is the guy asks my friend to pay for it. now tops 5k thats tops if not even a 2 minute stop at the panel beater.. Anyway per instructions from the guard the car is impounded and we can’t go in and request to talk to the AG because he is in the super EXCLUSIVE WRITERS CLUB..

So as the loyal citizens we are ... we waited for this supernatural man to come out and give us his verdict on such an injustice that was done to his car.. so we waited.. and then it started raining.. and i am thinkin wow.. so this guy is inside chillin probably havin a drink and we are here in the rain tryin to figure out how to persuade the driver to talk to his boss or the security guard to let us get into the lounge area.. to say the least we get wet..
fast-forward an hour plus (inbtw the driver was sayin my friend will have to get a new bumper.. imagine u have a flat tire and u think the solution is to change the rims and the tire)
anyway we are now at the reception tellin the receptions what our issue is.. we r there like 5 mins then we see the guy walkin out.. he sees us and i am like excuse me sir do u have a moment" dude in his high and mighty self says he has nothing to say.. so he heads to the bathroom and we are thinkin hmm this is peculiar.. but on the bright side we have another chance to approach him... he gets out and then smalls and friend try their luck. (imagine u r walkin out on the street and a prostitute is tryin to get ur attention.... now if u r normal person u will just keep it movin and not even pay attention to it.. well thats how the guy treated us) so he gets into his friends car with his driver drivin the prado behind them and they drive off... now in a civilized country like nigeria... this would be the end of it all.. but noooooooooooooooooooooooooo this isn’t Nigeria.. we get to the gate and the guards are sayin the driver said his boss said the car isnt allowed to leave the compound.. now this isn’t a police station.. It’s not like the Prado was damaged or anything.. so we are sayin one there is no way the AG can be doin this . yeah the dude did us dirty by not even listen to us but his driver now is flexin his Kolomentality power.. or someone has a big ego and didn’t get enough presents when they were young from the super generous father Christmas…

So our argument now goes back and forth with the security guards and management of the boat club askin what grounds they have to impound a car.. and bear in mind the accident didn’t happen in their compound.. and to top it off the other party left and he didn’t say anything but u r goin off the word of his driver who already feels he has a bone to pick .. Anyway around 12.15 am we were allowed to leave their complex... n that was it.... no sorry nothing.. so the saga started at past nine and ended past midnight all because the MD had a dent and refused to talk to us mere peasants in this powerful mans kingdom… no crime was committed, an accident happened that should have been resolved sooner but somehow was dragged on for hrs and one party lacked the decency to be civil in the matter.

Well initially I was putting the man’s title on blast but God forbid this is Nigeria. So to protect myself and ns from any kinda oppression/retaliation/censorship I have decided to add this isn’t a true story oh… in fact it was just a dream and in fact none of my friends have cars so there is no way this could have happened.. never and the AG is just a superhero that saves ppl like the shark from jaws or sadam from terrorist :-) yes indeed

Ns loves u more