Sunday, April 26, 2009

the prelude fastforwarded

so a few wks back i went to see one of my customers.. turns out his wife was also a designer and a stylist and she was affiliated with some newspaper style section .. i am like hmm not bad.. she said they were goin to have a shoot and she was thinkin of using a white tee. and me being the beautiful whore that i am . i am like hmm white tee. u know we got this tee. here u go .. hopefully it works. now that was probably 2-3wks ago..

fastforward till today.. i get a call sayin pick up the news paper and i am like wordddddd.. ok i didnt say that but i am like noice.. ns is the truth which ever way u lie about it.. much love to mrs tayo.. i am still tryin to get a hold of ur number to give u a call...

ns 1463 problems

isnt she just pweeeeety..
ns love u more