Sunday, April 26, 2009

me/myself and the beach

yeap yeap yeap. so for a while now i havin been lookin for an escape. i needed something to take me out of the ns grind.. and unwind.. u know something to hopefully reverse my business induced hair greying.. now there is nothin wrong with gettin some grey hair here and there. but i am way too young to be gettin that shit.. not a good look ..

anyway so i decided to dedicate my sunday to it. u know a whole day of just relaxin. feelin the breeze from the ocean.. feet in the sand.. and just chillin away from everything

the plan was to use the getaway time to catch up on things

my make shift relax station

the vikings tryin to invade my beach

look what i stumbled on must have been there for yrs...

i think this ended up givin me an itch