Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The other weekend in DC ( Naeto n Kelly in the house)

So… it been a while since NS USA put up a blog post, but we back in b’ness…lol. So the other weekend my boy Obi called (by the way he was my next door neighbor in naija) informing me that naeto was gonna be performing in MD over the weekend and I needed to show up! And of course I was gonna show up.

Got to the show kinda late cos some Ohafia chic (inside joke) took forever to get ready lool, but it was all good. DJ was noiceeee, music was great. When decale n makossa music comes on, u got me any day!!! Lol. So, at bout 2am Naeto came on stage and rocked the house. Kelly Handsome joined him on stage briefly which was kinda cool.

Anyway, naeto had mad swag n when I spoke to him after the show he was very cool ( don’t have the picture yet) but enjoy the rest of the pix from the show.
Obi, me, Kelly n solitude

Obi . we go waay back. Unical in the house...lool

Ken (coolest dude around)

Naeto with TnT on stage

Naeto n Kelly Handsome on stage

the call him naeto naeto......lool

Beeu and the Ugandan warrior "Judes ". Judes was having toooo much fun... Remy did him well
Myself and the Ohafia mafia chic...lool

enjoy...... more pix coming!!!