Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shutterfeeds: Nigeria's Premier User-Generated Photonews Community

So here is a little shot of innovation for everyone out there. Our hommie and fav photographer 'Kayode has come up with a pretty cool community check it out.

" The closest we can get to great photojournalism in Nigeria is through citizen participation" - 'Kayode

Inspired by ardent photographer Kayode Adegbola after months ofclamouring for photographs depicting the political campaign trailand upcoming elections back home in Nigeria, the idea ofShutterfeeds, a user generated photonews community where memberscan upload/send in and share photographs from their localpolitical and social environments was born.

Shutterfeeds sets out to develop citizen journalism in Nigeria andtake it to the next level. In addition, Shutterfeeds can also

serve as a provider of photographic content for the mainstream

press, as well as the possible use of Shutterfeeds content asevidence in election dispute cases; and other sensitive matterswhere photographic evidence could come in to play an importantdecisive role.

You can find them at shutterfeeds. Twitter and Facebook.