Wednesday, March 2, 2011


ait so let me rant a little..

been a little bit under the weather and the shit doesnt seem to be going away.. on the ns front we are for the most part OG a few shit we need to get our acts together apart from that we are still as destined and as fresh as ur mama cooking u diggggg.. so there have been a lot of BS going on cant really speak on it per se.. but dudes will run u down in lagos for real......its madness i tell u... and for a very emotional guy like me.. it gets to me.. but no worries for real.. i just have to maintain focus and get back into the kitchen.. most of the folks coming out knockin on ur door are there to just waste ur time or to see how well u can jump when they ask you to...

so thats my rant for now.. maybe its the drugs in my system.. maybe pent up frustration i dont even know sha but ppl need to learn how to act for real