Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fela Kuti

fela is/was definitely a genius. his music is definitely timeless and still very much relevant today . its a gross injustice and shame what the new musicians of nowadays are doing. With such a platform to speak on injustices or the wrongs or to fight for a change, they put the money first and go in bed with the same folks that are literally shitting on the plates of the masses.

Yes i know we are all tryin to eat. but what good is it if we dont stand up for whats right or we eat today and tomorrow we are all hoping there will be food..africans nigerians need to put that I mentality and today mentality away.. it is tomorrow that is uncertain and needs to be planned for.

yes he was radical but revolution and change that is needed wont come along in a toned down voice.

anyway i will fall back now.

Big shame...