Friday, May 23, 2008

Bon vage/ welcoming/ don’t cry for me nigeriaaaaaa…..

Yeap the bitter sweet……. So ns is back and yeap it’s a new jumpoff for the freshest brand in the entire universe… indeed I said it.. word is bond. Anyway as the pics will soon give away the other half of NS is back in the jungle where the lions fly.. the fish hunt , monkeys run offices and foxes perform money magic and the good rarely wins… remember the vultures are out.
So far so good tho.. still have a lot of adaptin to do but no worries I got my game face on. So what brings ns back to Nigeria? Well that’s the $1,463 question for now enjoy the pics and I hope I get enough chance to fill u guys in. ok i was going to put the pics in the right sequence but some how lost the patience to do so.... :)

this is me on the 12+ plus flight from ATL to lagos. the flight was rather smooth.. the plane was mad old. they only showed one full movie on the plane the rest were BS shows that have either ended or got canceled... now to take this a step back.. i found out that delta airlines had some kinda luggage restriction to nigeria. imagine that shit... i had to park everything i needed into 2 suitcases.. and can someone say impossible..... who moves home and only carries 2 suitcases .. they better get with the program... another thing that pissed me off is i parked my pimp cologne in my hand luggage and it must have been a WMD cus they tossed it out :( so i bought some fake ass one on the plane... well it will do for now atleast i hope so

ok this was the nite be4 the flight. the apt was still in a mess.. i was at the printers place by 4 pm. monday. well stories.. the shirts werent ready till like 7pm and my flight was at 12 noon tuesday.... and to make matters worse we had to go thru every size and design and decide which i can carry with.
iyabs.. bassey and FB bayo came thru. we finished a little after midnite. to clarify we.. bayo.. bassey and I.. iyabs was gone fishing ..
so i had 70 pounds suitcases and a 30 pound hand luggage.... :) we must find away sha..
this was the surprise send off they had for me.. the usual suspects were there.. Mr. Bass was on the grills and bayo was probably talkin about Jay Z. and yeah he made that shirt himself. I am so proud of him.... wasnt a bad look at all
more pics from the send off. boys just chilling.. boys just arguing... girls just chilling and babies looking cute.
Guess who is back.. so i am officially back in the mix.. back in the jungle.. back with the vultures... went to a bunch of places.. u know tryin to get a good feel and taste of my new environment. my highlight was probably seeing a dude on a sports bike with tags Voltron... now thats gangsta..
those are my 70 pounds baby... arent they pweeeeety. and yeah AI is a worldwide phenomenom . i am almost ashamed to say my parents actually follow it. .

more things to come.. i should be heading back to lagos coming wk.. its the new journey for NS u better wish us well.
much love