Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tupac lives.. and no such thing as a star

so its been so so.. pretty much still tryin to break into a new life here in gidi... but i must confess i have been runnin home to IB more often than i should... i need to be more gangsta about
no real updates.. still lookin for a store.. spreadin ns love.. making new friends and growin the family so we can all be set for tomorrow...
nothing really to blog about ... enjoy pics

Ns aint do that bad..

so in my second life i'd probably come as a very very rich tailor.. incase my tailoring is wack atleast i will have enough cheese to hire the best tailor...

the story behind these 3 pics.. well Ns has tried gettin into the cut and sew realm.. it has worked just Ok.. but its still missing a few things.. some might get the limited tops this summer.. but i think i will probably hang up this line till we sort everything out... remember the little details is very very important

if only i knew what i was doing most of the time..

Tupac is in nigeria... lol i was so shocked to see some guy tag his car Tupac.. I had to overtake the dude and i said a small prayer saying this dude better not be pac mehn.. he better not be pac.. :-) well he wasnt .. Thank God.... I wont have been able to handle it...

faze n keke

Baltimore def showed us mad love... for those who have followed the brand will know that there has been a brief history with D1, kennis music and NS.. well the call was made and the rest is history... there are other stories i would have loved to tell.. i def would have made u guys proud but unfortunately its going to be stories..

D1.. small steps at a time

St. Genevieve ..she has a line coming out with iconola.. something to def look out for... and if u dont know who iconola is by now.. well shame on u and go do ur homework.... plus she is my in blood oh.. no be say i dey claim.. very talented woman

well the ice breaker before this pic was she already rocked NS all around celeb in some movie way back... so she was kinda familiar with the brand.. no groupinesss. u feel me :)

i actually like this pic.. thats lamide aka iconola and genevieve . and lamide is rockin an ns.. isnt she pweetttty

well this will be up till i am asked to put it down.. very cool picture.. dont forget to look out for their stuff coming out... the line is called St. Genevieve

thats it for now.

much love