Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Past few wks recap n all

Yeap we are still at it.. its the forever hustle... anyway we got some pics from the past couple of wks a couple of outings... no biggie.. inbtw we will be making a big annoucement soon so definitely stay tuned.... remember NS loves u more :) enjoy the pics...

NS and Competeclothing

Towson Uni. Black Students fashion show

while the show was going on curtesy of Facebook bayo we were bumping to Mr. Carter. The plan was to sell some tees.. that was the plan :) but stories... well atleast bassey kept himself entertained
Bayo and BU not sure what they were doing in the picture but it must have been something nice about Jay Z cus bayo is super excited.. ok i am suppose to add "no homo" to it but i wont cuz bayo is Gay for Jay Z . lolol lov u bro
Bu and Chuka striking a pose.. The next African top models and bayo is working on being Jays waterboy
while me i am just chilling.. thinking this shit better pick up :)
we had some tees in the show.. but weak camera and bad location i couldnt get any really good shots.. so yeah we were there tho.

compete and Ns.. nothing harder than toasting with fruit punch.. now thats gangsta.

Rotimi and Bassey .. probably listening to bayo talkin about Jay Z

now the gang signs.. i am sure he meant to throw up the diamonds..
i wonder what will happen if Jay z ever saw this

while we were chilling.. ns on stage
such beauty.... NS is the new Sexy