Monday, October 17, 2011

Most Days

Some days
I possess the strength to conquer
A thousand armies
I show no mercy
Spare no life
For the days she left me
Was the day I lost my battle

Most days I am
Just an empty poet
Searching for words to
Express the burden I carry

Searching for the emotions
To dry the tears that follow

Searching for the love
That will fill this abyss

I love recklessly
I love faithfully
I love foolishly
I love endlessly

For when I see love
My heart skips a 1000 beats
As in a trance I am overwhelmed with


so I remain a sucker for romance

So now I listen to Beethoven
Switched to puccini
On the verge of tears
Hoping she calls
And calms the uneasy beast within

By Olumide Oresegun