Monday, October 3, 2011

A little rant

so we are in this new era where folks can claim and almost pretend to be who and what they aren't on an individual level and also business level.. everyone is an artist, designer, business man e.t.c

I wont be the one to knock anyones hustle, but when the dust does settle, lets see who remains standing..

As far as clothing brands in nigeria especially t-shirt brands there is only one TRUTH and that is Ns1463 Clothing Co. no additives, straight concentrate and OG.

We are never the ones to ride no waves or trends, we stay true to the core of who we are. not in it for the money or fame and definitely not the hype. We are in it for the Glory. Raising the bar, and keeping the TRUTH..

Ns errday..

and to those folks that have and will knock off our designs.. just remember