Thursday, June 9, 2011

You could be happy

so i kinda just stumbled on this song by Snow Patrol called " You could be happy" and i thought i should show my mushy side once again... side note. waaaaay back in the days. i'd listen to a song and freestyle thoughts and words that came to mind .. so i have had this song on replay for like 1hr and youu guessed right i went to the dark place again.. so ns loves u more

You could be happy

La la la la la

We both believed in fantasy
So we dreamt
She was no longer happy
So she had to go
It was 1463 nights ago
Too many words unspoken
Too few kisses given
No warmth from embraces…

She said she had to
My touch was too distant
My kisses too cold
The fantasy no longer appealing

So now she tells me she is happy
In another mans hand
She finds love
She no longer believes in fantasy.

but I know she isn’t.
her gaze
She still dreams of us
The few kisses
The unspoken words.
The cool kisses


pls keep it OG