Saturday, July 3, 2010

Zeus for a day

asides making ns the uniform of the new world.. i'd wage war with delta airlines and send all the management staff to hard time in the streets of naija preferably in the delta region where they can be ..... let me stop before i get banned or put on a no fly list..

so why this issue with delta airlines.. well this story is too long and tooo tasking to try and get into it.. will try as much to explain but pls read btw the lines

1. they were the cheapest airfare.. to naija

2. not a big fan of direct flights but for the dollars saved i am game.. what can i say the ijebu in me

3. when other airlines charge 50 bucks for ur allowed checked in luggage up to 70pounds, delta charges a cool 150. their fada lol.. i obviously had to pay for xs

4 flight leaves bmore on time but storm apparently shuts down atl airport where the connecting flight was to originate. so we are chillin i guess flyin in circles for a bit then pilot says we need to go to tennessee to refuel.. i am thinking hmm thats interesting.

5 land in tennessee refueled atl still shot down so we are camped in the plane for about an hour and change. thank god they left the AC on..

6) now this whole time delta havent really done much wrong but their reputation is about to be tested.

7) connecting flight to naija was to take off 11.40pm we landed in atl like 11.30 so there was no way to make the flight now last time my mom missed her flight similar issue.. they put her in a hotel gave her crappy coupons and her flight wasnt till the next day same time.. retarded if u ask me but story.

8)land in atl to my relief flight delayed till 1.30 am .. not bad.. about 2 hours delay in arrival time in naija.

9) this is whenn things starts getting very suspect.

10) we board plane about 1.15. we seated all that ready for the long journey.. then pilot says some SHIT about reserve crew.. it must have not registered in ppls minds cuz we were already to go.. most of us on the planes had already experienced long delays and all by this time...

11) pilot announces again that crew had to be changed cuz of some technicality and reserve crew have been called.. now when i heard crew i was thinking ground crew to direct plane to runway.. noooooooo my ppl dude meant the airplane crew pilot and cabin crew.. what kinda rocket science is this.. they must be pullin a fast one us

12) pilot announces while we r waiting we can leave the plane walk around the airport but stay close so when crew comes we will be good to go..

13) 20 mins into waiting.. dude says we all have to leave the plane.. reserve crew isnt coming till like 4.30 am.. now we are at around 2 am mind u....

14) oh yes they did. they kicked us all out and we had to carry our hand luggage out. and if u know anything about nigerians on planes going home.. u will be lucky to find space to put ur hand luggage period

15) bear in mind the airport is pretty much shut down.. no food just vendin machines...

ACE in the pocket::: a few things delta did to cover their asses.

a) by putting us on the plane and by not officially rescheduling flight they are savin a ton on hotel accomodation

b) by havin us board the plane and then kickin us off they save a potential disaster . new rule u cant have ppl sit on a plane for up to 3 hrs waiting.. so they saved themselves a major lawsuit

16) at airport they keep announcing now they are waiting on just 2 cabin crew.. a few mins later 1 cabin crew comes another.. ait so we complete abi..

17) another announcement now they are waiting on pilots.. hold up didnt they just say they have everyone hmmm i smell bs in the air.. mean while the boardin time is slowly creaping from 4.30 am to 5.30am .. now this is putting us in dangerous territory meaning we will be gettng to naija close to midnight and u all know how that is. plus we are about 6 hrs delayed now so imagine ppl at the airport waitin for ur plane to arrive.

18) we signed a petition being passed around for a class action law suit

19) we get a spokes person to talk to delta staff .. we uniting to have a common weak voice.. cuz u know damn well this can only happen on african flights

20) some guy apparently said motherbleeper.. now this was said after we deplaned and we were pretty much at the gate .. not sure how he said it or if he directed it at anyone ... but a delta employee heard and next thing u know 2 cops were there talking to the guy.. i am thinkin no biggy.. then i dont mind my business and go and listen to what they are saying..

21) the guy gets kicked off the flight .. money refunded and banned from flyin delta.. now not tryin to justify anything but cut dude some slack.. frustration gets the best of most ppl. plus it wasnt on the plane.. whats their problem...

22) we watch them escort dude out of the airport. i am sure they would have processed him and now his name is in the system.. hope his future isnt affected. but one can imagine it is.

23) 6.15 am flight takes off

24) we land about 11.40pm out of the airport in lagos and did OG status/ ghost rider gunned it to home..

25) get home past midnite.. home sweet home

26) delta sucks.. like real bad

27) sucks more my return ticket is with them...