Saturday, July 3, 2010

lights camera action

so shirts are out of the oven .. now we need models.. models models..

i look at bassey... i look at bayo they look at me..

i frown at bassey.. i frown at bayo they both look away..

i say hmm well this ball was def dropped.. but how can we pick it up... lets say i was kobe game 7 bayo was artest and bassey was artest's Psychiatrist. ( if u didnt watch the nba finals this joke will def go past u)

anyway in the end they both came thru and they did ok redeemed themselves. so A- for them.. guys lets get out shit together way earlier.... still love u guys tho

anyway so we got a phat location... we got Adriana/ Eric and Courtney the comeback chick.. she was the veteran on the floor.. she has graced our site for i believe 3 collections now.. look forward to the next ones with her.

so pls enjoy the pics

courtney, Adriana and Eric


count down begins.

Babs the photographer always brings his A game

BABs getting it in and xbox bayo doing some work

sitting in a phantom.. and milo the energetic dog

really like this pic.. somehow we all ended up wearing our Pharaohs


ok not so OG STATUS but them chicks dig it....

Courtney doing some styling herself noice

baby Milo

Respect my Gangsta

can u guess whats going to happen next

Adriana being a trooper

GQ inspired


noice !! no homo (lol another cultural reference u may or may not get)
thats all folks.. hopefully a few days from today we will launch officially online