Monday, May 10, 2010

while in limbo

well let me first of all get a few things of my chest..

when i have money 2 things will happen.. one u cant tell me shit... and 2 i will never fly economy... : ) so i am in Terminal 5 neither here nor there but on my way to there..

so my trip starts off crazy barely packed flight rescheduled twice.. goods getting in late... way too much long stories but anyway i am finally at the airport in lagos. checked in but shortly before that I BB FBB and ask him to check me in online dude gives me 2 seat options.. i needed window seat so i pick the one further away from the back of the plane.

FastForward i walk into the plane and i see an old woman seating by the aisle first thing on my mind is drama.. and she is like 70 plus if not older. i am thinking in all my yrs of traveling i have been fortunate enough not to seat next to anyone that old.. let me preface this by saying nothing against old ppl. but you might as well have a baby next to you cuz somehow somehow your flight will be a lot more interactive and at the point she told me she was goin to go wewe..( piss) i am thinking great....

i said i will beat bayo up when i get to the states.. that boy set me up maybe all the jayz jabs at him this is his own way of getting back ... now the plane is a 3 4 3 plane set up .. 3 seats by the window.. 4 in the center.. so what would have happened was i was at the window the granny to grandkids my age will be in the middle then some dude by the aisle. first thing that happens is the man bounces i am thinking he probably wasnt tryin to have it especially when the granny was sitting on his aisle seat as suppose to her middle seat.

so i am thinking ok. well atleast we have a seat btw us.. then i try reclinig my seat to make sure i can have my OG rest.. the shit didnt go back.. i am thinkin hmmm not sure i can do this oh..i try switchin the screen on and also no go... now i am thinkin there is no way i am going to seat on this flight next to an old woman that probably shouldnt be traveling and the frequent whif of urine like a kid that pees in bed, plus no reclining chair...AINT HAPPENING. so i tell the air hostess.. my seat aint going back.. my tv screen aint working .. how far...

fortunately for me all window seats were taking so i got upgraded to world class plus... sadly as i walked into the cabin i gave up my OG status by having a smirk or maybe a big smile on my face for the first 1463 secs... i am like hmmm this aint bad.. got noice seats... leg rest e.t.c i am thinkin this aint bad.. now its far from the first class or business class but damn it this is a bentley if economy is 504..

anyway so thats pretty much that on that level..

so now let me get to the main reason y i decided to blog this morning the 11th of May 2010.

ns has been my baby /mistress/lover/boss sometimes a friend employer/bully well ns has been a lot of things to me and the few times i think back at where we were. where we are now, n where we are going .. its almost surreal.. what i can say and u can quote me on this asides to the true fact that ns loves u more and without u there wont be NS1463, I DID IT MY WAY AND I CONTINUE TO DO IT OUR WAY.

ns has remained independent free from any constraints pressure or influences.. ns revolves around its customers never customers revolving around ns which in my mind means big, small, rich, broke, ugly, handsome to us we are one big family and we are as excited that the broke college kid is rocking our tees as we are that the mohits crew continue to show us love.

i hope u r getting my point.. so pls the very few times that we have taking time to reflect on where we are today.. pls allow me to pull together a lil something something that says to us we will live forever...

much love..