Friday, May 7, 2010

10.45pm May 7 2010

well i'd rather not state the obvious... been gone for a minute.. just making sure everything outside the matrix is in order u feel me...

so how do i feel right about now.. well for one my baby had her grad today Mba n i wasnt able to make it.. sucked but she OG and she understands that i am only serving her better by keepin the grind active much love babe n congrats.... n u know no more school excuses :)

so asides personal life pls ask me how i am feeling... go ahead... yeap its OG Status/theComeUp/ we about to start kissing the sky..ns is growing ... u know getting our bounce right bobbing n weaving. shitting on the competition.. loving the haters and marryin the lovers.. we are here to stay and let me quote my brother's boyfriend " we r here cuz we earned this shit" and no my brother isnt gay but he gets the joke.. he loves Jay Z.. and he is probably a big groupie and probably has a jay z tattoo somewhere on his body..( n i know my dad reads this... hey dad love u 2 .. was kidding about bayo being a groupie.. but we should check for a jay z tattoo sha.. :)

things are looking up... ns is moving.. ns is loved.. ns is hard.. and most importantly and u can pls take this to the bank NS is the TRUTH.. whichever way u choose to lie about it but we are here only cuz u allow us to be here.. we are the truth only cuz u continue to believe in us.. and u love the movement u love the message and we make dope tees..... and for these we love u more... and will always do..

I keep saying. without u this wont be fun.. infact it will just be like giving a dog the keys to the brand new sports bikes..

dont worry i may make better sense tomorrow. but from the bottom of our heart.. NS LOVES u more...

greater things to come.. and we cant be stopped..

NS propaganda coming soon

hope we dont get into too much trouble...