Tuesday, January 20, 2009

somewhere btw ns and no where

waz up fam.. how have yall been.... well on the war front things are cool.. really just maintaining and hoping for an easier ride.. NS is doing well.. ppl are showin us some love and we are very very grateful. much love for that.
a few things.. FBB came into town.. helped out with the hustle much love bayo. u know all these is for u and my babies nife and niayomi.. real talk oh... well i am sure in the future it will make
good sense..

well bayo should write a blog about his trip, for one i am sure its goin to be grammatically correct lolol atleast he will outshine me sha.. and oh yes for ur information even in his text messages he always spells every word out.. what a loser lolol.

so i have been workin on the new collection.. i am positive its going to be called NS hustle.. u know this past one was called ns goodliving.. we are def. backwards at ns.. u know the hustle should come before the good living.. but in this case we had goodliving and now we have the hustle.

now this really ties to the other mood i have been feelin lately.. its called PRESSURE now repeat after me .. PRE.... SSSS..... UUUU.... REEE yessir pressure.. inbtw those who keep playin around with the dollar exchange rate.. we have banned u from ever wearin ns oh. and stop explicit with my morneyyyyyyyy lolol.. ok back to the pressure..

so ask me what pressure is it i am feelin.. ? go ahead what pressure is it u r feelin. thanks fam.. it aint easy i tell u. now the pressure i am feelin is from u... i dont want to disappoint u.. we cant have that.. there is pressure on NS to step up and maintain. we have to keep the momentum going.. we have to come out with hotter designs and make sure we def exceed ur expectations... its not easy at all mehn.. i am almost crackin here.. but my father and mother (gotta to be PC) didnt raise no fool and nife and niayomi r bankin on me oh... well nife and niayomi are my nephews fyi.. and also my first babies.. awww.. yes indeed they are the future of ns.

anyway so we have to step our shit up.. i have to step my shit up..ns has to step its shit up so that we can continue to bring u our beloved much more fiyah.

much love and i and we will continue to love u more..

much love ns...

and i took some cool pics but in my haste i deleted them from the camera and my laptop which sucks cuz they were cool pics... :(

Thanks rita for swingin by.. ur pic was one of the ones deleted oh.. just incase u ever read the blog :)

mom taggin the wall

whalay and FBB holdin towson and NS down